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The Allman Brothers Band – HISTORIE DE LA MUSICA ROCK Polydor 28 61 300
Alexander Harvey – Purple Crush Buddah BDS 5696
Average White Band – Soul Searching Atlantic SD 18179
Birtles Goble – The Last Romance Capitol /EMI st-12078
Bob Grewe – Motivation
Electra/ Asylum 7E -1103
Bob Sanders – Scraps and Napkins
Sweet Fortune Recs SFS 802
Bob Welch – RCA AFL1-4107
Bowen and Richards
Rainwood recs stereo R-8151
Bruce Roberts (copy w/o hype sticker) Elektra/ Asylum 7E -1119
Bruce Roberts (copy With Hype Sticker) Elektra /Asylum 7E -1119
Carly Simon – Spy
Elektra /Asylum 5E – 506
Carol Sloan – Carol Sings
Progressive Records 7047
Carol King – Speeding Time Atlantic 80118-1
Cat Stevens – Back to Earth Am Records SP-4735
Chilliwack – Lights from the Valley
Mushroom Recs Canada m5r 1v4
Chris Sedgwick – The Singer Sang the Song RCA lpl1-5001
Cliff Richards – every face tells a story MCA Recs pIG-2268
David Crosby – Oh Yes I Can
Am Recs 07502-15232-10
David Laflamme – White Bird
Amherst Recs AMH-1007 stereo
Dennis Coffey – Back Home
Westbound Records WB 300
Donovan – Artists rec AB 4143
Dragon – are you old enough CBS Recs
Earl Thomas Conley – somewhere between right and wrong RCA stereo AHL-4348
Eivets Rednow Motown 5298 ML
Fattburger – one of a kind Golden boy GBJ-2001
Fog hat –
In the mood for something rude
Bearsville recs 07599-23747-1
Francis Goya – Viyage en Greece Carrere CA 231 – 67399
Glen Campbell – “Live” Capitol STBO-268
George K Band – Let’s Move Together
Hansa Recs Private Stock Recs PS 7014
Glass Moon self titled (yellow sticker on top right of front of shrink) RR2003
Glass Moon self titled (shrink missing from backside of cover bottom left) RR2003
Glass Moon self titled (corner bends) RR2003
Golden Earring – Something Heavy Going Down (live from the twilight zone)
Polygram Recs 823 717-1 Y-1
Gordon Lightfoot – Endless Wire WB Recs R 114399
Gotham – Void where Inhibited Autumn Recs
Ian Matthews – Siamese Friends Mushroom Recs
Grand funk railroad – good singing good playin MCA Recs MCA -2216
Jack Green – reverse logic rca AFL1-4122
Jefferson Starship – Earth
Grunt Recs BXL1-2515 Stereo
Jesse Colin Young – American Dreams Elektra 6E-157
Jim Post – The Crooner from Outerspace Freckle Recs 01905
john Paul Young – Love is in the Air Scotti brothers SB 7101
John Hambeck windmill in a Jet Filled Sky
United Artists Recs BB-14201
Judy Collins – Hard Times for Lovers (factory sealed sticker in good condition) Elektra Recs 6E-171
Judy Collins – Hard Times for Lovers (factory sealed sticker bent) Elektra Recs 6E-171
Keith Carradine – Lost and Found Asylum Recs 6E-114
Kenny O’Dell – Let’s Shake Hands and Come Out Lovin’ Capricorn Recs
Kevin Gould – True Stories Myrrh Recs
Leo sayer Thunder in my Heart WB Recs
Liar – Set the World On Fire (w/ factory sealed sticker) Bearsville Recs
Liar – Set the World On Fire ( NO factory sealed sticker) Bearsville Recs
The Marc Tanner Band – No Escape (promo notch on left front white sticker) Elektra 6E-168
The Marc Tanner Band – No Escape (promo notch on left front orange sticker) Elektra 6E-168
The Marc Tanner Band – No Escape promo notch on right front white sticker ) Elektra 6E-168
The Markley Band – self titled
Accord Record corp – ST-70000
The Marshall Tucker Band Tenth
WB Recs 07599-23410-1
Meatloaf – Dead Ringer
Epic Recs 07464-36007-1
MECO – Superman and other Galactic Heroes Casablanca Recs
Melissa Manchester – Singin’ Arista AL4136
The Mike Curb Congregation – Softly Whisoering I Love You MGM SE-4821
Mitch Ryder – Naked But Not Dead Seeds and stems Recs
Nicholas Lampe – it happened long ago Cotillion SD 9038
Orleans – waking and dreaming Asylum – 7E-1070
Olivia Newton-John – Soul Kiss (w/ store stickers on top right) MCA 076732-6151-1
Olivia Newton-John – Soul Kiss (corner bends, no stickers ) MCA 076732-6151-1
Pat Travers – Black Pearl PD1-6361 (2391 553)
Paul Winter and Friends Collection II Living Music LM – 0016
Peter McCann – One on One Columbia 35724
Randy Vanwarmer – Warmer Bearsville WB recs
Ringo – Ringo’s Rotogravure Atlantic SD 18193
Randy Newman – Land of Dreams
Reprise Records 07599-25773-11
Ronnie Aldrich – Reflections Deccan Recs
Rough Diamond – self titled Island Recs ILPS 9490
The Rowans – Jubilation Asylum Recs – 7E-114
Roxy -self titled EKS-74063
Roy Wood on The Road Again
WB Recs 07599-23247-1
Sonny and Cher – All I Ever Need is You MCA-2021
Steve Lawrence – I’ve Gotta Be Me Victor Stereo LPS-4167
Steve Winwood – Chronicles Island Recs R 134501
Stephen Stills – Right By You Atlantic 80177-1
B.T.O. – Street Action
Mercury Recs RM-1-3713
Suzi Quatro – Suzi … and Other Four Letter Words RSO 0704
The Tarney /Spencer Band – Three’s A Crowd AM Recs SP-4692
Tim Moore – White Shadows Asylum Recs 7E-1088
Tim Weisberg – Travelin’ Light MCA-5245
Two Guns – Balls Out Capricorn – 0704
Wayne Newton – Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast (promo notch cut on right side) Chelsea Recs Che-1001
Wayne Newton – Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast ( promo notch cut on bottom) Chelsea Recs Che-1001
Woody Guthrie by Various – We Ain’t Down Yet Cream Recs
Vangelis – To The Unknown Man AFL1-4397
The Ventures – Runnin’ Strong Sunset Rec SUS-5116
The Youngbooods – The Best of the Youngbloods RCA LSP4399

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